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Vroom’s goal is to make car buying as easy as ordering a pizza: buy a car online and we’ll ship it to your house. We embarked on a major overhaul of all internal software in order to streamline and scale our vehicle operations.


Optimize Vroom’s custom software for managing its nationwide operations


Automate and streamline as much of the daily tasks of Vroom’s ops team as possible


Vroom's entire operations team


UX designer, researcher, prototyper, and UI designer

Old Version

Vroom operations tool old interface

New Version

Vroom operations tool new interface

Redesigned interface for Vroom operations software


There were 3 major problems to solve in this project:

1. The Need for User-Centric Software

Much of the Ops team’s existing software often failed to match their exact needs. As a result, many users also relied on inefficient workarounds, such as paper and pen solutions.

2. Lack of Clean, Reliable Data

For the operations team to run with fine-tuned efficiency, they need thorough, real-time data.

3. Major Technical Debt

The operations team relied on 13 separate web apps to perform their daily tasks. Most of these apps were outdated and needed to be deprecated.


Of the five UX designers at Vroom, two of us focused on designing the company's internal software. We keep constant, open communication with our managers, engineers, and end users. We followed a dual-track scrum model, as outlined in the diagrams below.

Team Structure

Dual-Track Scrum

Dual-Track Scrum: Sample Sprints


For each project, our UX team follows the steps outlined below:

1. Thoroughly understand and document the facts

2. Draft user flows for each user type

3. Create and test wireframes and prototypes

4. Produce high-fidelity designs



Our team continually ships new software and features like a well-oiled machine. As a result, Vroom operations becomes more efficient, data-driven, and effective every day.

Vroom's new software for the mechanic and cosmetic teams